Does your makeup run when you’re trying to enjoy a nice day at the pool?
Luckily, we’ve got you covered! With our new LIMITED EDITION setting sprays, your look will be locked in all day - thanks to 12 HOUR WEAR!
With three different finishes, you can even use it on your bare skin to keep you radiant or your oil under control all summer long!
Brightening Setting Spray
Getting uneven color from all that time outside? Brightening Setting Spray helps balance your skin tone and highlight your fave features. Infused with Rosewater and Vitamin C, your skin will look healthier!
Mattifying Setting Spray
If you have oily skin, we know, the struggle is real, especially during the hot summer months. Thankfully, our Mattifying Setting Spray is here to be your saving grace. It  eliminates shine. It won’t dull your skin. And, it gives you some more time with your makeup!
Luminous Setting Spray
We are ALL about that glow! Get a dewy radiance without looking slick and oily! Luminous Setting Spray brings you the perfect glow to match your tan this season! Tan skin & glow for days… name a better duo - we’ll wait!
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